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Dec 4, 2012 8:00pm EST
republicans lower taxes and get rid of the amt. john buckley, thank you for your help this morning in helping us try to understand the alternative minimum tax, appreciate it. >> guest: okay, good. >> in a few moments, a discussion of house spending cuts in the so-called fiscal cliff. in a little less than an hour, more about the fiscal cliff with republican representative tom cole from oklahoma. then the head of fema testifies on capitol hill about the government's response to hurricane sandy. and later, senate debate on the u.n. treaty for the disabled. ♪ ♪ >> this weekend on c-span3's american history tv, follow harry truman easeleddest grandson to hiroshima as the city prepared to mark the bombing of the city in 1945. >> you know, everybody has their own view what happened, and i, i don't, i don't want to argue survival with anyone in japan about the history. i think we're past that. my whole purpose for being here is to listen, to honor the dead, to listen to the living and to see -- to do what i can to see this doesn't happen again. >> clifton truman daniel will join us sunda
Dec 10, 2012 8:30pm EST
of arizona, he shifted back and became a border hawk, much like john mccain in 2008, build that dang fence first now. he is safely elected he might be one of the key runs that brings up and pushes for comprehensive immigration reform in the u.s. senate, and one interesting survey note that came from the latino decisions poll on election eve, was a question that asked latino voters in arizona about their willingness to vote for republicans if they took a leadership rope on comprehensive immigration reform, and 39% of latino voters said if the republican part ensured passage of immigration reform that would make them more likely to vote for the republican party, and that tells republicans in arizona that, rather than pursuing a strategy that perhaps arpaio and russell pearce chose to do in the pass anyway want to rethink their strategy in arizona. >> which leads abuse the issue of the -- over the last generation has steadily moved from a democratic voting bloc to the republican stronghold. we he seen the emergence of something similar, latino voters, in colorado, nevada, and new mexico
Dec 5, 2012 8:00pm EST
most important issues driving washington to you, thanks to the bank of america. thank you, john, and thank you to your colleagues. you may have gotten cards. we'll be bringing you into the conversation, think about what you're going to ask. without further adieu, we'll bring in bob woodward. mr. woodward? [applause] >> thank you. saving seats with my notes. i'll pick those up. >> which is your chair? >> you get the daddy chair. >> okay, thank you, thank you. >> so the price of politics, which has become a best seller, as all your books do, looked at the last cliff negotiations over the previous grand bargain that didn't quite get over the finish line. what does that teach us about the current cliff negotiations? >> well, it's ground hog day. the question who is playing bill murray? i mean such a repetition. it's the same players at the same seats at the table with the same doctrines, and, so, you know, where this goes, i -- i think anyone who thinks they know is wrong. as you know, they talk about the fiscal cliff. some people say it's a slope. somebody said it was a bungi jump. some
Dec 12, 2012 8:00pm EST
. >> john from "the wall street journal." mr. chairman i want to sort of square up some numbers with a the threshold you announced today for when rate hikes might start at 6.5%. the canadian assessment of the longer-run unemployment rate is 6% or perhaps a bit lower. the longer-run it equilibrium funds rate is at 4% according to these rejections. suggest when the fed does start raising interest rates down the road it might have to move fairly quickly to give equilibrium to set funds rates. specifically is that the case of more generally can you talk about what is the framework that you set up today about the exit strategy you had laid out some time ago and whether that is changing? >> it's a good question. first of all, we don't have a precise estimate of the long-run state of the employment rate. the estimates that were provided in the summary of economic projections today as has been the case for a while, is 5.2 to 6% so it could be well less than 6.5% so that gives us some time. my anticipation is that the removal of accommodation after the takeoff point, wherever that occurs, wou
Dec 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
literally thousands and thousands of innocent people. senator lieberman. >> thanks, john. we've obviously reached a grave moment in the war that's raged in syria now for more than 20 months, and it's grave for the obvious effect that we believe the outside government has weaponnized the chemical and bilogical agents and put them in a position where they can be used fairly rapidly. this, as you look back over the 20 months of the conflict, this follows a series of events, one leading to the other which people said could not happen, and this began, remember, with peaceful demonstrations, and when assad was unable to control them or suppress them, he began to fire on his own people, and they began to defend themselves in a very unfair fight, one many of us thought we should immediately take sides on the side of freedom, and give those freedom fighters the weapons to which they could fight. it happened, but much too late. people say, at least he's not using the air force to attack his people, but then he attacked his people from the air. now more than 40,000 killed. when we see the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5